What is Golf Proficiency Certificate ?

What is Golf Proficiency Certificate ?
The possession of a proficiency certificate (PC) is a prerequisite for anyone to play on Singapore courses to ensure that the golfer has an understanding and knowledge of skills, etiquette and rules in order to appreciate and enjoy the game with confidence, care and consideration for self and others on the course.

What's Covered in PC Testing ?
Participants will be required to sit for a theory and practical test.
Theory Test :

A written test will b given in the classroom at the beginning of the session. This test will focus on the following three sections:

a) Terminology

b) Etiquette

c) Basic rules
Practical Test :

Participants must be able to demonstrate successfully the following skills with correct technique. Each will be give a maximum of three tries.

a) Hit a minimum distance of 100m (Men) 50m (ladies & juniors under 12 yrs)

b) Chipping to Green

c) Bunker shots

d) Putting from 3m into a hole with 2 stokes.

Calculating Your Golf Handicap

Your golf handicap is meant to measure how well you'd stand up to a "scratch" golfer on any given course and allows golfers of different abilities to compete fairly. Stand up to even the best of your opponents and learn to track your golf handicap by visiting the resources below.

Follow these simple steps to improve your game!
1. Take the scores from the last five rounds (18 holes each) that you played. 

2. Look up the rating and slope for the course that you played for each of these scores. This information is usually printed on the scorecard, although you can also get the rating and slope by calling the course.

3. Subtract the course rating from the score you earned on that course.

4. Multiply that number by 113.

5. Divide that number by the slope of the course. This number is the differential.

6. Take the lowest of your five differentials and multiply it by 0.96, and you have your handicap.